Title – New Traceback detection mechanism to detect Spoofed IP packets

Author(s) – Priyamvada, Upendra Kumar

Country – India

Abstract – Broad use of internet in several fields has led to several network security problems. Today’s internet hosts are threatened with Denial of service attack (DOS) and undoubtedly this is a consequence of IP spoofing. There are several mechanisms to detect IP spoofing. One of them is IP trace back mechanism. . IP trace back mechanism is the ability to identify the source of attack. Tracing DOS attack is not an easy task because the source of attack can be single or multiple.
Through this paper, we present a practical IP trace back system which is capable of providing a defense system and ability to find out the real source of attack. This mechanism can enhance and increase the efficiency of detecting and preventing the IP spoofing attacks.

Keywords – Denial of service attacks (DOS); IP Spoofing; IP trace back

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