Title – Pathological Laboratory Mobile Application pLab

Author(s) – Shraddha Khonde, Shubham Meshram, Surabhi Verma, Varsha Kawade, Amruta Shankhe

Country – India

Abstract – The first thing we ought to recognize is that mobile is now part of the fabric -every day in everybody’s life. So if one is not looking at mobile solutions, then one is not really looking at all solutions. Many factors influence the depth, breadth and speed of health care’s badly needed transformation, as costs escalate, the global population ages and the developing world demands better and more available access to care.
In many industries, smart mobile devices and their applications have transformed the way people live, work and play. This is because mobile devices act as the linchpin for the other technology megatrends, delivering into people’s hands the critical information and insight they need in a given moment, wherever they are. Mobile Health Care is the integration of mobile computing and health monitoring. It is the application of mobile computing technologies for improving communication among patients, physicians, and other health care workers.

Keywords – Search App, Cost Effective, Detailed View, Cost Cutting Initiatives, Managing Physicians, Technology MegaTrend

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