Title – Survey of Big Data Analysis Using Predictive Analytics Algorithms and Its Use Cases

Author(s) – Nikita V. Shahane, Rutuja Pande, S. R. Vispute

Country – India

Abstract – This paper presents Survey of Big Data Analysis using Predictive Analytics Algorithms and it’s Use-Cases. Data continues a massive expansion in diversity, scale and complexity. Data underpin activities in all areas of society. Achieving the full transformative potential from the use of data in this increasingly digital world requires both new data analysis algorithms as well as new generation of systems and distributed computing environments to handle the dramatic growth in the volume of data. The scientific community can use Hadoop MapReduce on huge server farms that monitor natural phenomena and/or the results of experiments. Community needs to analyse data gathered by server farms monitoring search results and to identify potential terrorist threats. In this paper we propose big data platform that is built upon open source and built on Hadoop MapReduce also we are working for implementing parallel lingo algorithm for getting the distinct search on search engines.

Keywords – Predictive Analytics Algorithms, Big Data analytics, Data Mining, Hadoop, MapReduce, LINGO.

Full Text – Download PDF RJ010105