Title – Analysis of WebLog Usage Mining For Intelligent Recommendation

Author(s) – Priyanka D.Doltade, Sarika K. Bodage, Ajinkya V.Bochare, Rahul A. Patil

Country – India

Abstract – Nowadays weblog usage is tremendously increased. There is need of storing the log for further requirements and analysis. This huge amount of weblog is stored into Web Server Log. Web server log keeps the records of web usage of web users. All this information which is saved in web log will be used for different purposes. For example, different preprocessing techniques can be applied on recorded weblog; from this we can get useful patterns and analysis of web usage in a particular area or location. In this paper we are doing the analysis of web usage of users based on the location, age along with other parameters which helps in improving the quality of web services in terms of providing faster web browsing to clients and based on their frequent usage of a particular website, ISP will provide buffering to those particular websites only.

Keywords – Weblog, Web Mining, K-Means Algorithm, Apriori Algorithm, Clustering, Association Rules, ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Full Text – Download PDF RJ010103