Privacy Policy

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International Journal of Integrated Computer Applications & Research (IJICAR) is determined to protect your privacy. This privacy policy describes how IJICAR treats your personal information which it collects or receives from you, including information related to your past use of IJICAR products and/or services.

What is Personal Information?

Personal Information (at IJICAR) is the information which lets us identify you like name, address, email address, phone number, date of birth or any personal identification document number (such as SSN or driver’s license number) and such information about you is not otherwise publicly available.

When you submit a transcript with IJICAR, we collect some information about you like your name, address, email address, institution or organization association, your educational details, area of expertise and so on. This information may be combined with the information we obtain from the public sources, business partners or other companies.  Once you get in touch with IJICAR for any of its products, services or inquiries, you are not anonymous to IJICAR.

International Journal of Integrated Computer Applications & Research (IJICAR) keeps all such collected information confidential and for its own use.

IJICAR never sells or shares in exchange of money any of its collected information about you to third parties which are not associated with IJICAR in any manner.

IJICAR may share your personal details to legal entities if such sharing is required and requested by authorized legal entity from any country.

IJICAR reserves the right to publicly publish the information in case of fraud, cheat attempts, violations of IJICAR TOS (Terms of Service) or violation of copyrights.

IJICAR also reserves the right to change, update, remove or edit this privacy policy or any part of it without any notice.