IJICAR ISSN 2395-4310

How do I submit the paper?

Please email the paper as attachment to contact [AT] ijicar [DOT] net or editorijicar [AT] gmail [DOT] com. You’ll receive the confirmation of receipt of the manuscript in 48 hours of your submission. Also refer to Call for Papers and Author Instructions for more details.

How does IJICAR work with respect to submissions?

When IJICAR receives any paper or manuscript, IJICAR sends acknowledgement of the same after basic minimum quality check such as following IJICAR paper format. Such papers which follow IJICAR paper format then pushed in the technical review process.

Technical Review Process –

Each submitted paper gets reviewed by at least one randomly chosen subject matter expert. Reviewer can suggest changes in paper formatting or text which IJICAR communicates to the author / submitter. Once, paper / manuscript passes IJICAR quality and acceptance tests, IJICAR informs the acceptance to the author / submitter.

How do I know if my paper is selected for publication?

You’ll get a notification email from IJICAR. Usually we reply to the email you used to send your paper for review but we’ll suggest you to add our email ids in your address book so that any notification from IJICAR doesn’t fall in spam folders of your mail box.

Our email ids are – contact [AT] ijicar [DOT] net and editorijicar [AT] gmail [DOT] com

How much time it takes to receive acceptance?

IJICAR reviewers try their best to review and provide feedback as early as possible. You should get the acceptance or rejection email in 30 days from the date of submission. If you don’t receive any communication from IJICAR in 30 days, we suggest you to check your mailbox for spam. Adding IJICAR email ids to your contact list is always suggested so that communication from IJICAR doesn’t go into the spam folder.

If you never received any communication from IJICAR (which will never happen) even after contacting us within 60 days of your submission, you can assume that IJICAR will not publish your paper.

Can I change published paper or text in published paper?

IJICAR may allow some changes in the text of published papers if we / IJICAR reviewers find it necessary and approve the request. There has to be legitimate case for such request such as plagiarism issues reported to us. Please note that IJICAR doesn’t encourage any changes in published papers and does not entertain most of such requests.

What is IJICAR document identification number or IDIN (DOI)?

IJICAR assigns unique identification number to each published paper and we refer this unique ID as IDIN (IJICAR Document Identification Number or DOI). IJICAR keeps track of published papers with IDINs.

Please put this IDIN in the subject line of your emails if you want to communicate anything with respect to the published articles / papers / manuscripts in IJICAR. Communication without IDIN will not be entertained.

What is IJICAR BAN and what can I do against it?

If any material published in IJICAR is found as copy, infringement of rights or any violations of IJICAR tems and conditions, IJICAR reserves the right to remove such published content from its websites.

IJICAR bans authors from publishing papers in IJICAR from 1 year to life depending on the decision by advisory and / or editorial board members in such cases. IJICAR also reserves the right to display, share or communicate names of such authors with other publishers as well as on IJICAR websites.

IJICAR asks for written explanation from the subjects (authors in question) and refers the case to its advisory or editorial board members for further decision. Authors get right explain their stand only once. IJICAR decision will remain final in any such dispute case.

How do I report infringement or copy or any other kind of fraud or issue with published documents in IJICAR?

Please send email to the contact email address with IDIN in subject line. Your reporting email should contain all the proofs and detailed explanation so that IJICAR board members can judge the legitimate cases in better way.

If IJICAR finds the report true, IJICAR will remove such published document from its websites. IJICAR will not be liable for any loss or claim due to such cases. Taking action against authors who are involved in such a case is IJICARs internal matter and no third party will have any say in IJICAR decisions.

Why publication charges if its free and open access journal?

IJICAR has multiple reasons to charge the fee for publication of accepted papers, some of these are –

IJICAR is committed to keep your published papers online and this involves cost of websites development, hosting, storage space, domain names, maintenance etc.

IJICAR always tries to encourage the genuine researchers in the form of various awards such as best paper in the issue, best paper of the year and various other awards.

IJICAR also tries to encourage the reviewers, various IJICAR boards and committee members and contributors in several ways.

With fee, we restrict and try to maintain the quality of publications. Only genuine researchers contact IJICAR for publications.

If you try to calculate the revenue generated out of the publication charges, you’ll get to know that IJICAR needs donations on top of publication charges.

I paid the publication charges but my paper is not published. Can I get refund?

This never happens in a case where you submitted camera ready copy and paid publication charges.

If you got a selection notification which does mention the review comments, that’s a conditional acceptance. You need to resolve the review comments and send the camera ready copy to IJICAR for publication.

If you fail to resolve all the serious / critical review comments, IJICAR reserves the right to deny publication of such paper(s). The paper will be considered as non quality and will be rejected even after the conditional acceptance notification. In such cases, if you already paid the publication charges, IJICAR will give you another chance to resolve the review comments and publish the paper in immediate next issue without paying again. If you fail to do so, your paper will not be published.

If you paid by mistake and does not have any paper which is selected for publication at IJICAR, IJICAR will provide you credit of paid amount which you can use to publish your paper at IJICAR in future. Such credits will be valid only for coming two issues.

Publication charges are non refundable in any case.

IJICAR reserves the right to communication or reply and we may deny to communicate or reply.